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      Shenzhen Huajingda Electronic Technology  Co., Ltd. mainly produces: microporous atomizer plate, high frequency atomizer plate, piezoelectric ceramics, ultrasonic transducer for medical beauty, ultrasonic skin scraper, ceramic filter, resonator, SAW resonators, SAW filter, crystal resonator, crystal oscillator. Products are widely used in Nano Spray, ultrasonic beauty, sonar, ranging, aerospace, mobile communications, digital TV, computer peripheral products, digital products, GPS, communication base stations, humidifiers and other high-tech products. Among them, our company's SMD ceramic IF filter, SMD ceramic resonator, etc., are compatible with the performance of MURATA in Japan when used on communication machines and high-end gaming machines,small size, high performance and ultra-thin; As the beauty industry continues to update, the current sales of piezoelectric ceramic wafers, ultrasonic beauty films, and transducers are the highest. In line with the tenet of "down-to-earth operation, honest and enterprising", Huajingda Electronics has achieved its own brand trademark "HJD" since its establishment in 2005 and has been approved. The company will further expand its own brand, develop a new business model, and strive to provide customers with quality products and strong service. We also have a sincere service, conscientious, highly competitive sales team, products sold to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries. Our sales and production perfect integration, and high-quality staff, excellent management system, continuous innovation, unremitting efforts, so that we occupy a favorable advantage in the market.

       ——Because of our professionalism and dedication, we are able to guarantee timely delivery, reliable quality, competitive prices and good service.

               So,Huajingda(HJD) is your best choice!

              Integrity management, excellence, is our eternal pursuit!

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